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Purpose: to track test case development, execution, results, and timestamps

Test Case creation:

  • Title (Include hierarchy in title - picklist of parent categories)
  • Creation date
  • Originator
  • Keywords
  • Hierarchy is needed, for example:
    • Power Management includes suspend/resume test cases as well as battery management
    • Suspend/resume test cases include leaving the machine idle, pressing the power button, closing the lid, etc.
  • Description/Purpose of test case
  • Setup (ex: cleaninstall, battery only, connected to ss mesh, etc)
  • Steps (text field)
  • Pass/fail criteria (text field)

Test Run:

  • Date/Timestamp of run
  • Run by (person)
  • Build info: OS, OFW (text field)
  • Hardware version: picklist
  • Results (pass/fail, not run)
  • Comments (text field; reproducibility, other events)
  • Links to bugs

Group by release:

  • Identify test cases that must be run for a release
  • Title of release

Test reports:

  • Test cases run on any day: Timestamp, Title, Results, Build info, Run by
  • Test cases associated with a release: Title, Date/Timestamp, Results, Build info, Run by
  • Test cases in hierarchical form: Title, Date/Timestamp, Results, Build info, Run by
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