TestMtg, 2007-10-01


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Attending: Alex L, Yani, Kim

AlexL tested Paint version 11 and it is ready for inclusion in Trial-3; working on activation testing this week. Record mime types not working in build 609. Clipboard needs testing to look for regressions. Get pictures from different sources. Alex will also look at the keyboard mappings for ahmaric. Also working on olpc-updates with Michael Stone and Scott.

Yani - Connectivity: testing of activities in link local, he found many bugs. Working with Simon to get more detailed tech tools for understanding the connectivity questions. This week you hope to get to some good school server mesh testing and MPP. Yani is reviewing these bugs for testing and understanding 3506, 3593, 3294.

Suspend/Resume - should be able to test hardware and software fixes starting tomorrow. We want to make sure that all the changes that have been added for Suspend/Resume work well together as a system.

Other testers should be working on activities, journal, functionality, collaboration.

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