TestMtg, 2007-10-22


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Attending: Alex, Kim, Michael, Danny, Bernie, Ricardo

Test Sprint -

  1. Review of test plans on the wiki
  2. Test Activity
  3. Tinderbox
  • Michael summarized the Test Activity logging feature: purpose is to reduce the cost of testing by distributing the testing and automate the logging upload. In the short term, we should focus on getting the logging
    • Modify sugar to put a wrapper around an activity to turn on its logging. Then a crash or a user initiated activity close will zip up files and send them to a central server.
    • The central server can start off with a generic account (perhaps password-less smtp, or something). Could possibly have a local smtp server to send an email with attachment.
    • Start with a list of the system status (build version, firmware versions, maybe some of Yani's network config info)
    • Is there a lot of overlap with syslog? Bernie can probably help with getting the logs
  • The three pieces that need to work for this are:
    1. Local collection of logs
    2. Packaging of the logs for sending
    3. Reliable delivery in the face of network downtime

Things we learned from sprint:

  • Takes too long to get outside developers up to speed and contributing
    • focused documentation
    • too much overhead to get hosting for access to git repository
  • On the manual side, we also didn't have enough planning to get people going quickly:
    • Need to get on Trac
    • Need to get on mailing lists
    • Need to get on irc
    • Need to edit wiki pages

Should we have someone spend a few hours on the getting started wiki pages so that new developers or testers really can get started.

Should we hire someone to organize the community efforts; answer their questions

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