TestMtg, 2007-12-10


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Attending: Ricardo, Adam, Yani, Kim, Mitchell Charity, Alex, Chris, Jim

  • Ricardo reported that we are making progress on the 4470 in high RF traffic or noise; but this still happens from time to time.
  • Patches are available to help in scaling gabble and salut. Yani will upgrade to work with new changes.
  • Chris reported that Michael has been working on the buildbot; has the master and slave set up. So people can start writing buildbot slaves. It is not hooked up into anything yet. The first thing to get hooked up will be Scott's headless harness.
  • Mitchell has written a Qemu wrapper to allow for 'x' event gui testing. This also provides a nice story for people getting started in development (under linux).
  • Next week will be a 'community building' meeting at olpc to discuss ways of involving volunteers better in development, test, and support activities.

Starting Wednesday, people will start to get their G1G1 laptops. They will have an 800 number to call as well as the getting started pages.

  • Chris recommends that we put more effort into the bulletin board at first and possibly irc, olpc or olpc-help. There might a web-irc interface that could very helpful.
  • Adam is working with Danny and the RMS team to ensure that help@laptop.org had a 'Heartwarming auto-responder' message, point people to the 'free' support as well as the fee support that will be available soon.

This is Alex's last week. He is going to try to document and transfer a lot o knowledge before he goes. He has been helping with the activity descriptions for G1G1, and will send out an email about what should be included in all the webpages. He has also been testing most of the joyride builds. So we'll need to find someone else who can do all that soon!

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