TestMtg, 2008-01-14


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Attending: Kim, Jim, Chih-yu, Kate

  • Joyride: 1535 is the correct version of 'update1' to test for now. Jim is still working on getting the official Update1.
  • PDF viewer (read) is unique in that it can suspend the machine immediately after rendering the page to save the most power. For Update1 the behavior we should be seeing is to render a page and then it should NOT go dim, but save battery life by background suspension. Need to check this with battery life tests.
  • Wireless packets should not change the screen brightness.
  • Chih-yu will add test case for eBook mode
  • Jim also mentioned for update1, we will get the same behavior with or without the power connection.
  • We didn't get to talk about the general case of testing and how the community can help -- let's put that on next week's agenda and I'll try to prepare some more docs to help people get started. For now, if you are interested in helping, please read the Test_issues page (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Test_issues) and look for the Getting Started pointers.

- kim

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