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QA Meeting 2008-06-12


  • How to get the new QA team up to speed on things that they don't know about yet
  • Decide who/what/how the team will be testing for the upcoming August release
  • Community testing
  • Training - Getting new volunteers/interns/employees up to speed in a technical sense
    • Ensuring knowledge isn't lost when interns/volunteers change
  • More interns/temps?
  • Defined release criteria.
  • Process? (OLPC-3)
    • Release notes w/ build, hardware and firmware versions (for consistency in testing)
    • Bugs fixed + features added
    • Release manager moves bugfixes and features to QA (test) stream
  • Trac
    • Who is responsible for closing bugs?
    • Workflow
      • Trac. Original submitter closes a ticket. QA has the right to close any ticket
  • Test Environment
    • Alpha test (real use cases) in the lab environment
      • Home
      • School
    • Specific AP(s)
    • 100 laptop testbed
  • Background tasks for QA for when there isn't a specific task needing to be finished at the moment
    • Test 8.1.1 thoroughly (build 708)
    • (Create) test cases
    • Smoketests on new builds
    • Test case management (possibly done on Trac?)
    • Wiki links -- so people new to testing can get themselves up to speed quickly, and without large amounts of one-to-one help.

community test meeting

present: kim, charlie, joe, mel

  • ILXO has offered to "test testing" - or rather, community testing processes - this summer in Chicago with volunteers.

Mel's grid on how she thinks different types of test volunteers can best spend their time

Skilled testers Unskilled testers
Long term Complex charters/plans, special-equipment testbeds Training to become skilled testers
Short term Making plans for skilled-long-term tests and tools for unskilled-short-term tests Step-by-step instructions, scripts, and automatic error reporting

Things we won't be focusing on in Chicago for testing-testing:

  • XS testing - too unstable yet. Joe to update when it's stable enough for community testing.
  • Connectivity testing - already being done in other places
  • Activity testing - if it happens in IL, cool; if it doesn't, ok


  • Ad-hoc exploratory testing of build 708
    • Charlie to make "how to upgrade to 708" guide, send to Mel
    • Mel (and ILXO) to use, test, proofread
    • ILXO to do/lead exploratory testing on 708 until procedures come
  • Build testing (release candidate) during the month of July
    • Joe to define deliverables and due dates he wants from community testers, send to Kim/Charlie/Mel/Christoph/etc.
    • Mel to send Joe contact information for ILXO testers done Mchua
  • Documentation testing
    • Joe/Kim to define most important "documentation features" that OLPC should have available (on the wiki or otherwise), send to Mel/ILXO for testing
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