TestMtg, Aug 6, 2007


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Attending: Zack, Chris Blizzard, Ed Russeau, Ben Levenson, Cameron, Jim

Welcome to Ben, from Redhat. He will be joining the test team over time.

Here is a list of interesting links for testers/QA:

  • Test Issues - this link is the top level wiki page for other test-related links. You can get to test plans, some results (although we'd like to move plans and results to Testopia), Requirements, Release Criteria, Test group meeting minutes, and Test Group Release Notes
  • Test Group Release Notes - The first person to download a new release should comment on this releases ability to pass the basic smoke test and major issues found. All bugs should be reported in Trac, but this gives others a high level summary of whether or not they want to upgrade to this release. It has been very helpful for both the test and development community.
  • Trac - Bug tracker; please sign up!
  • Roadmap - you get to this from the front page of Trac. I try to keep this up to date with the major features and timeline for each release.
  • Requirements - This is the page of user-defined requirements (very high level). Developers can use this when designing a feature; testers can use it when creating test plans; Documentation can use it for manuals or wiki pages on how things work.
  • NAND images
  • Firmware

  • We released trial-2, Alpha level code, to quanta for manufacturing C-build. We are now looking at Trial-3 code, which will include a new wireless firmware release, kernel changes to support that, and other fixes.
  • We discussed trial-3 and the major features that we need. We want to minimize the number of new features and try to keep a stable base for the entire month of August until we get to September release. Not sure how easy this will be. See the Roadmap for more details.
  • Trial-3 release criteria should include no blockers and no regressions from trial-2. We should also increase the smoke test that is at the top of the Test Group Release Notes page. (Zack or Cameron, please feel free to put some more tests on the smoke test).
  • Kim needs to ask Quanta about EC code changes due to new EC comm protocol.
  • Activation with real crypto should be highlighted in trial-3; needs requirements/use cases. How to reset a laptop to its mfg state? Do you need the activation code for this?

Both Zack and I will be out next Monday, so we will not have a meeting next week. Please don't hesitate to send out email to the testing group related to what builds to test and/or features or bugs that need to be tested. We should get some good Trial-3 builds this week.

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