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The contents of this page are considered outdated and some of the information may be stale. Please use information here with caution, or update it.

Minutes, 7/16/07

Attending: Cameron, Zack, Ed Russeau, John, Jim, Kim, Mary Lou

  • Requirements

There is now a requirements wiki page. We spent much of this meeting discussing the requirements for power management. The updated requirements can be found here: Requirements

  • We also created a chart of power management capabilities. This is linked on the requirements page.
  • We discussed some future features: Turn off wireless when it is not needed; Be able to turn on logging to expose DCON and Video state; bookmarks in browser. (I'll get these into the future features list).
  • We outlined the schedule, which is that Trial-2 should really be considered an alpha release for our first deployment. Kim will update the roadmap as the first step towards a schedule. Trial-2 is alpha, Trial-3 is beta, and FRS is first deployment, which is expected to be loaded by the deployment team when the laptops reach the country.
  • We could use a regression or smoke test. For now, I will propose that each build (before announcing it as a RC) will have some release notes and will be able to perform these basic tests:
  1. boot into sugar
  2. get on the mesh and see other XOs
  3. run a collaborative activity (AbiWord, Connect4, or Chat) with another XO
  4. ensure that the journal is able to resume an activity
  5. connect to an AP (and/or school mesh) and browse the web
  6. connect one XO to an AP; then boot a second XO, which should connect to a local mesh and browse the web.

(feedback on this quick list is welcome)

  • We started a discussion about a change control (ECO, Engineering Change Order) process. As we get close to ship, we should make sure that the dev teams understand the branches, check in restrictions, and we have a sign off procedure for changes.
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