TestMtg, July 2, 2007


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Test meeting, July 2, 2007

Attending: Zack, Wad, Scott, Cameron, John Fuhrer, Mitch, SJ, Kim

  • Marvell's Laptop test plan
    • We reviewed the test plan from Ronak and discussed the difficult parts: configuring the mesh to ensure specific paths and then change those to get a different configuration.
    • Not sure of the benefit to repeating MPP discovery and pinging 10,000 times; but probably hundreds of times could be good.
    • There was some discussion as to whether all the laptops downloading a 300MB file is a good (realistic) test.
    • The test where the laptops are sending files to the school server is very unlikely to be a 300MB file, so this one should probably be much smaller.
  • 100 Laptop Test Plan
    • Add a test case for updating 100 laptops from the school server.
    • Add a test to backup 100 laptops to the school server. We discussed the backup procedure and decided that this needs to be on a 1 hour cronjob (at least for Trial-2).
    • Add a test to restore laptops from the school server.
    • Add a test to download a book from the internet as well as the school server.
    • Add a test to download something from many different urls (not cached)
    • Some test cases should be repeated with one mesh channel; and with 3 mesh channels
    • Add a test case to use the neighborhood mesh view to search/filter.

We briefly discussed the first release candidate, RC1, and some of the issues.

As of the next build, Tuesday, we will be using the latest marvell firmware, which is incompatible with earlier versions. So 406.15 will NOT talk to 406.16+; and 478 will NOT talk to 479+. Also the school server at olpc has already been upgraded - so nothing in the office talks with it right now. Tomorrow, we should be able to upgrade all XOs in the office.

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