TestMtg, July 24, 2007


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Attending: Zack, Cameron, John, Ronak, Ed

We discussed the issue that we just learned about that WEP or WPA connected XO cannot create an open mesh, which means other XOs cannot connect through it to the internet. Every XO would have to connect to the WEP-enabled access point.

We also discussed the power consumption of the mesh mode versus infrastructure mode. In a future check from Marvell they can address some power issues.

  • Trial-3 Roadmap is up now on the Trac wiki. It has the schedule and the major features.
  • Trial-3 is equivalent to 'beta' code and needs to line up with the mass production code drop to Quanta. There are only 3.5 weeks until feature freeze for Trial-3. Zack made the request that we also call Trial-3 "feature complete" and try not to add any features between Trial-3 and FRS.
  • There is a Requirements wiki page now, Requirements, where we are starting to capture user-based requirments. At this point I have gotten lots of feedback on power management, mesh, and clipboard.

==> Action: Kim to figure out how to protect the page from edits.

  • Everyone would like a school server for the test beds. We are expecting to get one up and running from a liveCD here in Cambridge; and then we'll make that all available.
  • We discussed some of the peripheral products that involve the Marvell wireless part.

==> Action: Ronak is going to find out if the Active Antennas has the same boot2 code as the Standalone Repeater, or if it is the same as the XO. Also, Ronak will provide any documentation on these products that he can find. ==> Action: Kim will try to find out if we have Standalone Repeaters in house for some testing.

  • Future features: WPA and WEP can be used with an XO for mesh.
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