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Meeting minutes, June 18, 2007

Attending: Zack Cerza, John Palmeiri, Chris Blizzard, Dan Williams, John Fuhrer, Kim Quirk

A brief summary of the upcoming milestone, Trial-2:

  • June 26th is feature freeze. It is not very worthwhile to put many bugs into the trac system until after we get our first feature freeze build. Jim or I will ensure that the testing mail list gets notice that there is a build to start testing all the new features.
  • Release Candidates will be generated every Friday after that with the possibility of announcing it for early testing.
  • July 23rd is the desired release date.

Zack took us through his Camera Activity Test Plan, as a template for creating more test plans. The basic items include:

Test Case Name

Justification: (Where this requirement is documented, e.g. the HIG or "self" if you couldn't find it documented. If you reference documentation, link to it.)


  1. Step to take
  2. Another step to take


  • That the right thing happens

Others can add test plans following this format. Make sure to add them to Category: Test Plans.

The question came up as to who was the Quanta test lead. The answer is Vance Ke. There are a number of testing people from Quanta signed up on the testing maillist. Welcome!

Chris and Zack will look into olpc access to testrunner for test case management. We're not sure how long this will take, so our initial test plans should be created on the wiki.

We briefly discussed a 100 laptop test for here in the olpc offices. We have the machines and will be getting many more B4 machines in soon, so we just need to come up with a good test plan. Kim will start this test plan on the wiki.

For the rest of this week, please add some test plans to the wiki. We'll meet again next Monday, 1pm EDT, and get ready for the feature freeze release.

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