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Meeting minutes, 6/25/07

Attending: Zack Cerza, Cameron Meadors, Chris Blizzard, Dan Williams, John Fuhrer, Kim Quirk

A brief summary of the upcoming milestone, Trial-2:

  • Feature Freeze is Tues, 6/26. Realistically we don't expect a stable build for a couple of days. There is new FC7, X server, kernel, and activities. Things will be confused for a while.
  • I will send out an email to the testing list when there is a build that can install with minimal functionality.
  • We discussed automation briefly. We are expecting that Tinderbox will come back online soon. If there are other areas where people think of to add automation, please bring them up.

Test Plan reviews:
We reviewed a number of test plans, which can be found on the wiki, in the 'test issues' section, under User Stories Testing: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User_Stories_Testing

  • There was some question as to whether the Paint test case referred to the 'Draw Activity'. This activity description doesn't resemble the Paint activity that was implemented, so we should remove the link to this wiki page.
  • We discussed a rule of thumb that one test case should probably be <5 minutes to execute and generally on a few steps -- mainly so the tester doesn't get interrupted and can complete a test case.
  • Kim will send out notes to the etoys and tamtam people to ask them to submit the 5 or 6 things that we can do as basic functional testing. For activities that have community support, we will not do very exhaustive testing. For activities that don't get much use in the field, we will do more testing, based on a user's typical experience.
  • Everyone will ensure that a Journal view test case is included for all activities. Anything that can store a file or user settings should get a placeholder in the journal.
  • The SD card test plan was created because there were some issues with SD card drivers. This is not really a user story test, but it needs to be done at some point. Perhaps it should be moved out of this section.
  • There is still some questions as to how Chat is going to work. Perhaps we can find out more at the noon meeting today on collaboration and journal.
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