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June 6, 2007

Attending: Michail, Kim, Jim, Walter, Dan (rh), Miguel, Chris (rh), Cameron (rh), Zack (rh), Rajab (mv), Ronak (mv), Raja (mv), Javier (cb), Luis (cb)

  • Michail went through his low level 802.11s test plan:


  • Path Discovery
    • Used ping, ran tests over several hours, introduced new nodes
    • Found some lost pings in a noisy RF environment; no loss in anachoic chamber
    • Network randomly creates mesh paths if you don't force the paths
  • Communications Integrity
    • Frame size (large frames) caused problems, so you need to use scp to ensure large frames
  • Performance testing
    • Used Iperf
    • To establish a baseline need to use UDP between 2 nodes using 'infrastructure mode'
    • Found that XO performance does not go down as quickly as 1/n due to efficiencies in node-to-node connections
    • Very difficult to make a repeatable non-forced mesh topology
    • Need to set up tests to look for starvation or memory issues (over time)
  • Walter suggested some usage cases:
    • 60 laptops, everyone talking to everyone
    • 60 laptops, everyone talking to a server
    • 15 groups of 4, or 4 groups of 15 (representing kids collaborating in smaller groups)
      • Groups defined geographically (clusters)
      • Non-cluster Groups (with remote participants)
    • Consider classroom topologies:
      • Rows of students
      • Circle of students
      • Clusters
  • Tests to be added:
    • Multicast and broadcast
      • Non realtime
      • Realtime
    • Dynamic nature of the real world
      • Nodes coming and going
      • Reconfiguration of the network
  • Action items:
    • Marvel India team has 20 laptops; Kim help them to get 40 more B2-2
    • India is building up knowledge and an automated test bed
    • Marvell with add their test plan to the wiki
    • Cozybit will provide programmable anycast address
  • Items for Trial-2 schedule:
    • Operating while suspended
    • Mesh beacons
    • Programable anycast
    • Ascii entry for WEP keys
    • Finish support for WiFi compatibility (WPA)
  • IPv6 discussion The applications driving IPv6 are:
    • management of remote XOs
    • allowing XOs to find other XOs around the world.

Need to understand what this requires for XO and for Server.

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