TestMtg, Sept 10, 2007


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Attending: Zack, Kim, Cameron, Alex, Rafael, SJ, Michael Stone

  • We went over the high level schedule: We are one to two weeks behind where we want to be, but Quanta is 2 weeks behind in MP production, so we are ok right now.
  • There are many blocking bugs. This weeks big push is bug fixing. So the test group needs to take builds, load them, get through the smoke test, and write up some notes on things that aren't working well in the Test Group Release Notes.
  • Alex is going to create a test plan for the International laptops in my office. He has already found some problems so we suspect we will have to do more detailed testing on these laptops.
  • When creating test plans, Zack recommends the Record (or Camera) test plan as a template.


  • Zack will act as the lead for Trial-3, to help ensure all our test plans have coverage for both updating and execution. Please send him the list of test plans you want to update; and he will make suggestions to the rest of us to try ensure that all of the plans get covered.
  • Think about the most important activities and capabilities of the laptop and if there is no test plan placeholder, please send that to Zack and me and we will try to get the placeholder into the test plans page.
  • Here is a link to the test plans we are focused on: Test Plans


  • Today, build 571, the first pieces of Rainbow are in the build. Currently turned off. 'Touch olpc-security' to turn rainbow on; restart sugar. But first you need to get rainbow-daemon started. Michael will document how to turn this on for the developer community first.
  • Control access to the filesystem means creating a filesystem with only the items that are needed. So the errors will usually fail in the activity itself.
  • So how can good information for debug be collected? Strace logs (or system tap) for each activity will provide per system call info - generated by the kernel, rather than the activity.
  • Might be useful for this reporting interface to filter out all errors (as one level of debug). It would be useful to have a security audit tab from the Developer's console.
  • Test activity idea: using the same sort of formating as Pippy - a tree widget on the left, open window on top right that has the python code, and a run button. Add a radio button for pass/fail, and submit button. If it was easy to install this activity many others could help out with this mostly manual testing. It should automatically grab the logs when tests are run. Sync up with latest test plans. Noah can help with the trac side (website). Not sure how to resource the rest right now.

- Kim

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