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I am assuming single XOs, no collaboration, though all of these would be more fun with more people/laptops. All of them involve test community members running a testing event in their area - setting up folks as leaders of local test teams and building their own self-sustaining positive feedback cycles of excitement-boostingness, like the Wellington group has done, would be great.

  1. run a half or full day sprint on testing a single activity (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/How_to_test_an_Activity)
  2. run a half or full day sprint to make a test infrastructure tool we want (need to write better test-tool-making tasks)
  3. holding a "learn to test!" workshop for nearby interested people (teenagers?) to gather the beginnings of a local test group around them

In all three cases, we'd (...okay, at least I would) provide a howto coaching through the process, which they're free to adapt and ignore as they will.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to (1) send stickers and (2) promise to reimburse them for up to $N worth of pizza. In order to get pizza-money back, they'll have to send in a report of what they did. ;) I don't have a budget, though, so I'll have to work that out somehow... but I can recruit for it in the absence of promising any resources. It's just less shiny that way.

For the more solo-focused testers who don't want to run an event, I'm thinking of having a virtual test party for half a day some weekend (both days that weekend, different times each day, for maximum schedule/timezone working-outness).

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