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see also Tests/Installing activities and bundles

Backup/Archive scenario 1: Basic backup

Parvis goes to a school where he gets connected to the server every day. One day he inadvertently deleted a document that he had spent many days working on.


  1. Set up Parvis' XO to register with the server.
  2. Create a document while connected to the school server.


  1. While not connected to the school server (at home), make modifications to Parvis' document.
  2. Come back in contact with the school server
  3. Go away from the server and edit the document, deleting all by the first word.
  4. Get reconnected to the school server and ask for the previous version of the document (do you need to be near the server for this, or are the last few versions saved on the XO?)


  • Ensure that, after coming back into contact with the school server, the document gets backed up.
  • That you are able to properly load the previous version of the document when you ask for it.

Upgrade scenario 1: Manual upgrade

The São Paulo school has decided it will upgrade all XOs just before a 2-week school vacation. This will give the students time to find any bugs before school starts up again. It will also give the teachers time to create new programs using the new code as well.


  1. From the school server UI, set up the automatic complete userspace back up capability. The next time the server sees each XO, it will ensure an automatic back up of the userspace.
  2. Set up 5 XOs as student laptops.
  3. Create an Abiword doc, 2 images, and a TamTam musical score on each of the XOs (we need to be specific about what is saved; and which activities should be part of this test)


  1. Check that when each of the XOs gets connected to the server after the auto backup has been set; they will automatically back up their data to the server.
  2. Manually update the XOs with the upgrade from a USB stick.
  3. Upon boot up, the server should automatically (or manually?) push the user data back down to the XO.


  • That, when the XOs get connected to the server, their data is automatically backed up.
  • Ensure that all documents and images that were there before the upgrade, show up again after the upgrade.
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