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Test Invite with Write Activity


  1. Open the Write activity with one XO, and type a few lines.
  2. Go to the mesh view of that XO.
  3. Find the second XO on the mesh view.
  4. Scroll over that XO, and choose invite.
  5. On the second XO, click on the write icon that comes up in the tray of the home view.
  6. If you have a third XO on the same network, go to it's mesh view, and try and find the invited write activity.
  7. Type a few lines on each laptop.
  8. Go to the activity tab on each of the sharing laptops.
  9. Close the write activity on the first and second XO's.


  • That the second XO gets a Write activity icon in its tray, which is the color of the inviting XO.
  • That the second XO is able to join the first in the Write activity.
  • That the third XO cannot see the shared write activity.
  • That the Share with: says ? (has this been decided yet?)
  • That the invited write icon that was present on the second XO disappears after closing the activity.
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