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MaMaMedia has different kind of activities inside so far there are six implemented.

  • Jigsaw_Puzzle
  • Story Builder
  • Learning_Center
  • Poll_Builder
  • Slider_Puzzle
  • Cartoon Builder

Open MaMaMedia


  1. Click on the MaMaMedia icon
  2. Click on the inner activities supported. (Jigsaw, Story, Learning, Poll, Slider, Cartoon).


  • MaMaMedia activity opens
  • MaMaMedia takes a piece of the activity donut
  • All the icons are displayed correctly.
  • All the supported activities open.

Test Actions


  1. Click on Jigsaw puzzle
    1. Click on a puzzle
  2. Click on Story builder
  3. Click on Learning center
    1. Click on Tabs
  4. Click on Poll builder
  5. Click on Slider puzzle
    1. Click on the sliders
  6. Click on Cartoon builder
    1. Click on the cartoon slides


  • The Jigzaws can be solved correctly.
  • The Slider puzzles are working and can be solved correctly.
  • The Learning Center tabs are displayed correctly.
  • You can build any cartoon you want.


  • Poll and Story builder are not openning.
  • All the activities should be open from MaMaMedia menu.(not separated).
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