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Open the activity

  1. One should see a green waveform on the screen in front of a black background with a light grey colored grid.
  2. Move the slider on the right up, one should observe the waveform increasing in amplitude, move it down one should observe the waveform decreasing in amplitude
  3. Go the the Measure toolbar on top.
  4. Click on button with AC icon, one should see a straight line
  5. Click on the button next to it (bias button), one should see the line move down
  6. Click on the DC button, one should see a line in the center of the screen
  7. Click on the Click on the bias button next to it, one should see the original waveform that one sees at start of the activity
  8. Click on the 3rd button, and whistle into the mic. One should see a peak and few other peaks too. Click on the 3rd button again and whistle again - one should see a sinusoidal wave
  9. Move the frequency slider left right and observe changes in the way the waveform is displayed horizontally
  10. Click on the pause button, the waveform should freeze on the screen. Click on it again, it should resume
  11. Go to 'Log' toolbar, select snapshot from dropdown menu. Click on the record button once. Then click on the button next to it - the play button. One should see a stationary waveform on the screen. Click on the eject button to remove the stationary (recorded) waveform and return to normal mode.

Close the activity

  1. Open it again and repeat same tests.
  2. Do complete testing twice
  3. Then open TamTam and do testing of TamTam activity once
  4. Then open Record Activity and do testing of Record activity once
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