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After watching [1] I came to wonder if it would be posible to make a game based school.

If one imagine that the school have a game server, and every grade have a set of games they get grades in.


Grading for games

The games could be designied such that it should be completed in the fastest time.

Grading the pupil

The grading of the pupil is the cacluated in the folloing way 100*(best time in the class)/(best time of the pupil).

Grading the class

First calculating the average of the pupil best times gives a class_time. then 100*(best class_time on the school this year group)/(class_time) gives the class grade.

In this way strong pupils will have to help week pupil in the class to get a better class grade.

Grading the school

In the same way can schools be graded by calculating the average class_times for a year group, let call it school_time and the the grade is calculated as 100*(best school_time in the region)/(school_time).

Games for learning

The following is meant to be a list of games for learning. Please feel free to add games a catagories.

Games for language skills

  • ESP game : find words to describe an image.
  • Verbosity : guess a word from your partner's clues, uses templates for the clues.

Games for math skills

Competitors are presented with math problems generated randomly for example: Ax+B = C where A,B,C are random integers, and the first correct response earns some points. MEXICO, Aguascalientes, --Dagoflores 00:11, 15 July 2007 (EDT)

Now I have 1 millon children with laptops

At the classroom every child will try to do something. At home they will to navigate Internet, with all its dangers, pornographic material, etc.

What to do:

- Put them to do what they do now out of the classroom: --- Play marbles, billards, foot ball, and other competitive games, either 1 to 1 or team vs. team, in a fashion similar to what Scouts or Guides do. --- They can play in pairs by using the two ends of the keyboard. --- Or over nets, 1 to 1 or team vs team. --- Playing action games in which the result of the actions depends in the speed of precision of answering to problems (explained by figures or text) and selecting among 4 options. --- Winners win articles donated by public persons, artists, sport famous, politicians, etc.

Aguascalientes, MEXICO, ------Dagoflores 23:36, 2 October 2007 (EDT)

Competitive Games among teams for Self-education

I believe that Competitive Games, among Teams, in which every identified member must take part, in a random order, is a wonderful way to attain colaborative education as the smarter team members will help the slowest ones, in order to increase the Team Competitiviness.

The game should stress the competitiviness factors:

1.- Quality: Do it right the first time, precision answers win.
2.- Productivity: Optimize resources, maybe in the game the team should manage earned resources, fast answers count.
3.- Recognition: Game should permit to earn points reedemable for objects donated by the local celebrities, like soccer balls signed by celebrity team, autographed pictures, etc.
Aguascalientes, MEXICO, ----Dagoflores 00:06, 15 July 2007 (EDT) 23:03, 23 May 2007 (EDT)

Games for complex system skills

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