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Content formats, correctly encoding content, and converting formats aren't the easiest of tasks. This often involves a linux machine, and previous knowledge of obscure and arcane options and flags.

It would be great if our content volunteers didn't have to do all of this work themselves. There are several great linux based software-as-a-service gateways that would allow a web interface to linux command line tools.

Use Cases

  • I have recorded an audiobook with my mp3 recorder. The XO doesn't have mp3 support and my file is far too large. I would like to transcode the file into a few different formats for the XO but I don't have the software nor know how to get it.
  • I have a children's book in a pdf format that I would like to give to children. Djvu is a better format for this book than pdf, but I don't know how to convert the file.
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