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Laptop Storage


  • Save images from a web page, using a context menu, activated by the right mouse button.
  • Insert images in the write activity using a file picker.


  • Language support splotchy, including Urdu (884)
  • memory (860)
  • gmail gives warnings about scripts executing because the machine is so slow. Need to increase that timeout.


  • Open doc files from the web browser in the write activity
  • Make pdf autopen in xbook
  • new browser windows (Bug 515) and popups (899, 878, 542) confuse gecko
  • Open odt files from the web browser in the write activity
  • Suggest file names for saving images and pages.


  • Pointer too small (822)
  • Various other miscellanious bugs (826, 764, 761)
  • Some theme tweaking for the olpc display.


  • Crashes when opening a document (762)
  • Size the file pickers sanely
  • Crashes when opening a document (824)
  • Open and save buttons in abiword.
  • File browser opens onto / (Bug 404, which needs reopening)
  • Cursor always flashes (823)
  • Crashes when opening a document (762)
  • Pointer too small (822)
  • 826 is not a bug and has been closed.
  • 771 Fixed march 22nd, 2007
  • 763 This is exactly the behavior we asked to produce so I closed it WONTFIX



  • Disable frame activation on edges.
  • When you launch an activity, the frame should go away once the activity comes up.
  • Always show the frame on the home page
  • Do not allow launching more than one instance of the same activity contemporarily.
  • Fix the startup notification implementation. Always go back to homepage.

Open questions

  • Should we really support rotation for Trial1?
  • I'm not convinced we need tables in abiword (don't they already work?)
  • Should we try to land ps2 and write a simple chat based on it?

Bugs that might be fixed already

  • DPI related (Bug 889)
  • Correct country typefaces being loaded? (Bug 417)

Bugs that maybe we don't need to fix

  • configuration directory needs stable name (Bug 847)
  • mozilla cache (29)
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