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Hello and welcome to these pages on "Questions on the OLPC Educational Initiative", or more precisely the attempt to catagorise the frequently asked questions, myths, mockery kind of questions, but also sincere questions, etc.

If you've started to talk about the OLPC Educational Initiative, you've undoubtedly experienced the vast amount of questions people can come up with and throw at you. Some you can answer, but some take you completely off-guard, leave you with a mouth full of teeth and wondering for hours/days/weeks how the heck you would have best answered that question.

Well, here's a good thing. You haven't been the only one who's experienced that. And here's another good thing: there's a lot of questions, but they're not endless. In fact there's about a 120 questions and then the rest are just all variations on the same 120. Think keep on getting better, because the OLPC Community has answered most of them and started enumerating them and categorizing them, so you can read, prepare and maybe even memorize many of them or get ways around them and just refer people to these pages. Most people accept you don't know EVERYTHING.

120 Questions and an OLPC community thats' improving every of the 120 answers. Imagine people would give you 120 minutes, that's 2 hours. And every answer would on the average take about 1 minute. Then you could answer all answers in a Question-Answer session of just 2 hours. If you'd have a connection to these OLPC FAQ pages/Types / Categories of Questions, it would be quite do-able to answer just any question an audience would throw at you. That's quite comforting isnt' it?

So let's get started. Go to the Types / Categories of Questions, pick your category, find/ask or copy/paste your question and best answer. The OLPC community will notice your efforts, questions/answers via the "Recent changes in the navigation pane on the left, quite at the top or because some of us have checkmarked the "Watch this page" option at the bottem of every page when you are in the "edit mode" of a page.

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