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  1. Reanswer a question with a question. E.g.: so you don't want to give people this tool to learn? What better toolset can you come up with for 163 €/7 years = 23 €/year? And can yours pay itself back from increased tax revenues as people get more access to reading, writing, data such as the true price of the products they make, etc? On top of it the XO-XS combination generates CO2e certificates under the Kyoto Protocol's CO2e certificate Emission Trading System, which also help pay for the XO-XS. And it's been picked up by the UN Secretary Generals, both Kofi ANNAN and Ban KI-MOON and UNESCO, and they're all stupid people and organizations ? So let's hear it and if you can't top our arguments, you'll join the OLPC movement, right? --SvenAERTS 10:08, 18 June 2013 (UTC)
  2. In France, we had a state initiative where computers were given nearly for free in the townships where the police hardly dares to come anymore and you know what happened? These laptops ended up being sold to score some drugs and alcohol.
    1. We can imagine. It also happens with XO's. Do you have any % of parents of poor kids that sell of their kids laptops in that program you refer to? What % would be acceptable. Because with XO, we find out that poor parents love their children too and there's only a very small % that actually steals their kids XO to sell it for drugs of alcohol. I think such small % shouldn't prevent such an efficient project from moving forward, what do you think? With the country wide XO deployment in Peru, the Inter-American Development Bank measured that 0.3% of the laptops were stolen. (Measurement after 6 months). 0.3% is a very low number, it shows that kids, parents, teachers take very good care of the XO-laptops and indicates this fear of stolen laptops is not founded and not a reason not to move the project forward.

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