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The United States has a large bodies of XO users in the world, thanks to the first round of Give One Get One in 2007/2008. It has hundreds of individual 1-to-1 computing and student-owned laptop projects running in primary schools across the country, and one full-scale XO deployment underway in Birmingham, Alabama.

OLPC deployments in addition to Birmingham include New York City, South Carolina, and Illinois. Major user groups (with over 50 members) include those in Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago.


  • Birmingham, Alabama is receiving 15,000 XOs by the end of 2008, enough for every early primary student in the city.
  • South Carolina started a trial with 500 XOs in May 2008, and is aiming to have 50,000 by early 2009.


Rumors have circulated about the creation of an "OLPC USA" body to oversee deployments within the US. No such body has been formed, though one community member has tried to organize an informal project with similar aims and a few news reports have followed the possibility of one being set up. In practice, each of the deployments and trials indicated above has been pursued by its local supporters and organized largely independently of the others.

User groups

There are many active OLPC user groups around the US.

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