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The Universal Dictionary system provides a consistent interface to a large number of existing free dictionaries from a variety of languages. You can search for a word in multiple dictionaries and languages at once and compare the results; some definitions include pictures and further descriptions and resources on the word they define.

  • Links
  • Languages
  • Size
  • Dictionaries in 78 languages


  • Formats materials are currently in
  • UTF-8 plain text
  • XDXF (XML)
  • TBX (XML)
  • Scripting (any scripting needed to convert it from curent packaging)
  • http://www.dicts.info/uddl.php - contains information on how to download the dictionary files and use them with existing free dictionary applications on your own computer

Curator Info

Group: None

Group coordinator: None

Curators: None

Allottable size


Scope (subjects, ages, other)

  • Subject - language studies, writing
  • Ages - 8 and up

Completeness (comprehensiveness for given topic and audience)

  • Excellent; comprehensive list of high-quality free dictionaries

Multilingualism (specifically es, pt, en, ar)

  • Excellent

Quality (incl. suitability for audience)

  • Contains a lot of useful content, but not in the most user-friendly navigable form (as a webpage). We need to figure out how to package this better.

Freeness (license and format)

  • http://ww.dicts.info/doc/licence.php - description of their license policy. Basically, they use only free dictionaries (but don't describe what "free" means) and all contributions to a specific dictionary file will be considered part of that dictionary project and be released under the same license as the original dictionary file.

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