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Project ideas

Tons of great ideas on the OLPC Austria wiki -

Tasks for individuals


  • Delegate the generation of handouts for people as they show up and leave, also planning of welcome booth (email sign-up, etc)
  • DONE Ad-Astra rooms in dhall
  • Connect with Arjun and Manu in particular, Yani and Andriani, Jessica and Chih-yu about coming
  • Email Mel a forwardable letter for Continuum
  • Find and email Richard Freeland (former president of Northeastern University, something to do with the Graduate School of Education at Harvard this year) recommended by Rod
  • DONE Make website with Ollie
  • SENT Talk to Nick Tatar about a big conf with off campus guests Feb 16
  • SENT Follow up with Chris C about his Friday conference and about his plans for his power generation section
  • SENT Talk to SJ at 1cc Friday to get education people, OLPC people, get XOs for Feb 16
  • DONE ALSO - ask him to champion open source stuff (talk to Allen Downey to be the “champion” of open source)
  • DONE Talk to Stolk (after Ollie does on Friday in class)
  • DONE Email Rod about Ted Sizer talking and speaking - no can do. He recommends Stolk.
  • DONE Email Ritter about MIT people for an OLPC day
  • DONE Email Lynn Stein about her coming as an HFID designer and programmer and pass on to Harvard lists
  • DONE Email Ken Hawes about him and Wellesley education students coming


  • DONE Follow Up in ProgressTalk to Blinder/Ozgur/Oscar about coming as design guys, also which student could champion it
  • DONE Olin faculty recruitment – targeting talking and mass email
  • DONE 8x11 small poster
  • DONE Table tents for dining hall
  • DONE Big poster for dining hall
  • DONE Talk it up amongst the frosh before plans are made to leave for the 3 day weekend
  • Bring it up in Babson Social E! class, bring Caslin and Charles?
  • DONE Do website with Andy
  • do an internal site for participants on the day of to have access to useful wiki links and such
  • DONE SERV SERV SERV!!! Especially money, probably pizza and soda and maybe design materials, $300 max
  • DONE Talk to George Butler about dining hall usage upstairs during the day and at all after hours


  • DONE Email Matt Jadud – tell him the plan and get him to recruit and come too
  • DONE Email Mel and keep her up to date with plan and seek advice and contacts, other OLPC groups?
  • DONE Get XOs to develop on (note that Andy is already emailing SJ, Nikki is CC’d)
  • DONE Build up support within OLPC chapter members at Olin and thru SJ in the greater Boston area


  • DONE Need Tax ID Call panara and peets coffee to ask for free stuff feb 16 around noon.
  • Works for Windows, painful. Still trying for Fedora Create a simple procedure for porting programs from PC to OLPC and testing
  • Acquire supplies for free, make shopping list of the rest for Andy

Day of Logistics

  • Create a schedule with time slots and rooms for speakers/discussions/brainstorming,
  • Nametags (bright ones for "leaders")
  • Pizza and beverage
  • Power strips and extension cords (talk to logan)
  • Ethernet and WEP keys printed
  • Whiteboards (steal morning of)
  • Dry erase markers (steal morning of)
  • Normal markers and paper and design materials
  • Post its

Other suggestions:

  • flash drives
  • projector checked out and working
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