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Team Leader: Opoku Afriyie-Asante

[OLPCorps Ghana]

Equipped with hundred (100) laptops and a server, the University of Education, Winneba Team undertook their deployment in a remote town, Agogo, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The beneficiary school is APTC Practice Primary which has over five hundred and fifty-seven (557) enrollments of pupils with twenty-four (24) teachers. Grade five (5), with a number of a hundred and sixty-one pupils, was earmarked to receive the laptops. Due to the number of laptops with respect to the pupils’ number on roll, it became necessary that pupils were paired to a laptop. The Corp Team designed a five (5)-week project timeline on which they worked out their deployment. Prior notice was given to pupils who were to be trained before the school went on vacation. Hence, the scope of deployment emerged as a form of extra tuition to both pupils and the community at large. The overall training was designed to maximize the levels of interactivity of both pupils and teachers as a result of using the XO to support learning autonomy.

The names of the Team members are Opoku Afriyie-Asante, Samuel Osei-Ampofo, Geraldo Paul and Siegfried Ohene Sidza. One volunteer, Louis Essumang, profoundly assisted the learning team in organizing practical projects for the kids to work on.

The specific objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop ability of school pupils to employ computers in performing everyday tasks and solving everyday problems from a very young age;
  • Enhance pupils’ access to information, as well as to knowledge and learning outside the classroom;
  • Enhance pupils’ ability to demonstrate problems, give feedback on pupil work and construct assessment materials that are adapted to the individual;
  • Provide poor children with the same opportunities for learning as wealthy families give to their children.

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