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Please provide links to actual reports of use of any element of the XO experience.

To remark those reported from actual use in school settings use asterisks (see samples)

Please do not add here vaporware or wishware, but only actual, standard issue elements.

What mostly works

disclaimer: stuff here is not meant to parrot sales talk, but comments from real users, ideally from students in XO deployments.

What doesn't quite work

disclaimer: stuff here is not meant to belittle the great work being done, but to keep us aware of usability issues in one single place.



*chat under mesh*

*mesh connections*

Etoys under mesh


screen for outdoors use

e-book mode

issues with definition, luminosity, and navigation

  • in ebook mode, the back of the display presses against the touchpad buttons and touchpad resulting in random mouse events
  • it would be cool to have the xo half-open and use the stylus-area for note-taking on opened pdf files
  • the buttons right of the display are actually suited better for switching pages because its easier to press the intended button
  • setting backlight to the lowest brightness and dcon in b/w mode is pretty usable for reading in darker environments


the spanish translation of

pd should be cp (con pluma) WITH pen

pu should be Sp (sin pluma) WITHOUT pen

the spanish translation of MOD should be RESTO or RESIDUO

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