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Open-Source Hardware?

Good Resource
Great source of information. Not a branch of OLPC, but a group effort of many individuals working to provide information whats going on with OLPC. Great source of infomration.
But take everything here with a grain of salt, as these are written by different people and sometimes they have their info wrong. For example, in one article it made out OLPC to be doing a 3.5 million dollar project in Africa (which prompted a "where'd they get the money?"), but in reality it was a different organization who just named the effort OLPCorps.

News as of 3/25/09
Document gives an overview of what OLPC was, and what they are now. Includes current issues and goals.

News as of 3/3/09
XO-2 will be open source
Last month it was predicted that the X0-2 would be ready in 18 months.

There's some speculation that open-source isn't quite what it sounds like, in that it more provides a reference for people to build from (aka a means to copy the XO and do local manufacturing). But I'm not too keen on what that all means really. Can anyone clarify this?
Video on XO's being used widely in an Alabama town.
I spotted this on OLPCnews, words from NN himself. If this is accurate, this could explain the removal of small deployments. With that many on backorder and that rate of production, they may have cut smaller orders to speed up large deployments to governments (their area of focus).

Initiation of Kellogg Pilot Classroom

News articles from when we initiated the Kellogg pilot, and had Nicholas Negroponte speak.


Has some academic articles done on OLPC, such as evaluations of XO's being used in schools. Not a huge library, but useful nonetheless.
An evaluation done in a Harlem middle school.
An evaluation done in a Harlem middle school.

Curriculum Integration

California Content Standards (aka teaching standards).

Activity Development
Application source codes.
(this needs to be looked into more)

Template-like development?

Developing on a PC? (via Virtual PC)

Technology Infrastructure
Article on Google helping set up some internet infrastructure in rural areas.
Can buy XO replacement parts here.

Essentially a huge internet library.
Free access to over a million books, plus things like audio and video. Most items are things that are out of copyright.
Something like this makes library access easier for rural areas.

Taken from OLPC news: "You did not mention jabber as a communication method. True, it is more demanding on the internet structure than email, but when the structure is there, there is direct communication XO to XO. See the Spanish jabber at The jabber that I use has XO visitors from all over the world." Jabber may be something to look into.

Indirectly useful things
JD showed us this, and we'll use it to create a great website for OLPCsb.
Free online meeting scheduler. Great for organizing when to have a meeting.
Industry leader in online appointment scheduling software. Great for scheduling appointments. You can use the reservation software system for easy web-based scheduling.
An easy to use online appointment scheduling software. Great for business or even just home use.

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