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This is my first week at 1CC!


Captain's Log


  • moved into office
  • created 'sugar' branch for opensim
  • moved the work I had on Ubuntu and an old svn branch into git
  • updated sugar-jhbuild
  • fought with automake & autotools to try to make subdirectories for opensim python package install
  • started working on an icon & svg stuff
  • got XO
  • tech team meeting
  • sent email introducing about opensim to the tech SD listserv
  • disassembled and reassembled XO
  • installed 708 and applied for dev key
  • various 'getting settled' activities


  • Sent several emails about open standards in SD
  • Got dev key, installed joyride & apps
  • Went to 2 seminars - mesh networking & building/packaging
  • Edited a lot of information on opensim, will post wednesday
  • Learned a little about XSLT for [[1]] format for SD models (looks cool!)
  • cloned the Develop and Web activities to see how they work, specifically how develop packages shared libraries and how Web uses sqlite for its browser history


  • attended tech-talk on Cerebro
  • researched canvases
  • some improvements to OpenSim engine - working towards keeping data from latest run in memory.
  • learned about (the existence of) [[2]]


  • developed some sweet icons
  • got Model running in Sugar (fixed glitches coming from pygtk & implemented toolbar)
  • got better at debugging Sugar stuff (logs saved in ~/.sugar/debug/logs ... helps to know)


  • set up development environment on XO
  • got application running on the XO and made first bundle
  • updated Bundle page with information on including native libraries
  • learned the importance of documenting as you go, as Wednesday and Thursday seemed years away.
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