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Why I Love OLPC/

I have an absolute passion for communications and truly believe that these tools can have a miraculously positive impact on Quality of Life and Standard of Living -- if we brilliant humans can only figure out how to use the tools correctly.

And I truly believe that OLPC has figured out how to use the tools correctly.

And I welcome the opportunity to help in any way that I can.

[Will refrain for the moment from sharing how much I feel that MIT's Media Lab is absolutely sacred ground in terms of Human Factors and Usability and the Media Lab's tremendous contributions toward advancement in mindshare on the raw power of the computer for creating community -- but would welcome [conversation]mailto:cm(at) with any/all who gush the same way (smile)]

About Me


  • OLPC Support_Gang, member of the Mary Cohort (200902)
  • Extensive communications background with expertise in Public Health & Safety
  • Experience in public outreach and education for State and Federal Public Sector agencies and marketing communications for corporate Public Sector and Enterprise divisions; some of the nuts and bolts include:
    • End User Training and Support
    • Development and presentation of Technology Briefings for audiences ranging from technical support staff through non-technical management (Director level and above)
    • Print and digital publication of documentation [guidebooks, manuals, CDs (a million years ago)] and outreach collateral material [signage (including billboards and Spectras/Jumbotrons), handouts/flyers, brochures, ...]


Primary Location(s): Albany New York & Sacramento California

But I travel -- a lot -- and so am happy to offer OLPC 1:many/1:1 outreach and support anywhere/everywhere I go!

West Coast Homebase [UTC-8] East Coast Homebase [UTC-5]
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