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One path to getting involved in developing health content.

This could use work, as well as

  • Read the main Health page, review other Health-project related pages. Take a look at the history pages to get an idea of who is working on these pages. Read their user pages to learn more about them.
  • Learn something about wiki syntax. Click the Edit tab on a bunch of pages to see the wiki-source that makes them look the way they do. Read the wiki style guide.
  • Go ahead and make a wiki edit on a page that needs improvement or ask a question on a pages Discussion tab (talk page). Make sure you are logged on when you make changes so that your identity is stamped on the history page.
  • Take part in conference calls related to your topic area.
  • If you have a concept for a content bundle that doesn't exist yet, create a wiki page and start linking it to/from other pages. Let people know about your page on the mailing lists. Reach out to people on the wiki via their talk pages. Reach out to people not on the wiki by sending them the page's URL and asking them to join up.
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