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Spanish Health Content Dash

a Pre-Fab Fortnight. . .

It's not the sprint of a Jam and it's not the marathon of development from scratch on the wiki. . .

The purpose is to give the Health effort some intensive short-term focus aimed at getting content into the Repository that can immediately be offered to schools in Spanish-speaking deployments (e.g. Peru) right away. There is no question that health content is needed in all languages currently in active deployment, but this is a concerted push for "low-hanging fruit". This will serve to gather materials that can be considered for translation into other languages, but we must gather them first and that is what this effort is all about.

The goal is to target health-related content that meets some very specific criteria.

1) Immediately available, currently posted online (no scanning, software or hardware development effort to undertake).

Preferred file formats (define with specific extensions) (HTML, PDF, Flash. . . )

2) Available under suitable licensing terms. (define).

3) Available in Spanish (ideally also in English). Purpose: Postpone the challenge of recruiting sufficient multilingual subject matter experts. Having an example content bundle to show is going to be a big help bring them in over time.

4) Made available from an acknowledged authority in the relevant field, e.g. transnational or local government agency (PAHO, WHO, local Ministry of Health), well-known health advocacy NGO, etc..

The point of this is that these materials can generally be expected to have undergone a substantial level of subject matter expert review and if this content is not specifically posted under suitable licensing terms, the liklihood of having prdcutive exchange wit hthe organization about

Set priorities by objective measures (e.g.

Walk through full process: Licensing review, Pedogological review, Subject Matter Expert review, Localization process, Bundle generation

Real trick is finding bilingual subject matter experts for translation and review, using pre-translated materials from authoritative sources (e.g. PAHO, WHO, etc.) certainly quicker.

Quick route to medical education content is to frame OLPC content bundle as a great "platform/channel" for distribution. School authorities will ultimately choose content that goes on school server, so MinHealth or PAHO materials will more-or-less have "pre-approved" stamp on them.

Could recruit here PAHO Equity, Health and Human Development Listserve


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