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Takes pictures of various accessories that work with XOs, mostly seen at Learning Club DC some later found available from XOExplosion, and general marketplaces, mostly wondering what will work with it and collecting info for others to try...

Flexible keyboard

Having gotten the XO mail order in the G1G1 program, I didn't realize I'd be crunching my fingers so close together, so one of my first purchases was an adult size flexible keyboard capable of rolling up and hopefully not breaking when rolled up in a backpack for long commutes...

MicroCenter in Vienna had one in the discount bin, and probably carries a large selection.

Others are seen with a small keyboard but required sending to Amazon or online shopping...

Mini Mouse

Targus makes a notebook mouse (TODO: lookup UPC, exact names, put up a photo, etc) Model PAUM01U, that is small enough for kids to hold and not so big to take up much space in a backpack..

There are third party clones seen at MicroCenter which are cheaper, but much bigger than hoped :-(... Inland Products ( Pro Optical Retractable Mouse (UPC 012405070465) Stock # 07046, purchased for ~$8, but yet untested...

Eth USB adapter

With no built in Ethernet and sometimes no wireless access, the USB to Ethernet adapter (branded green XO) as a give away at the XO-1.5 demo, has come in handy at the book sprint, and probably eventually at home too. It works when booting up creating another eth device and not sure yet how it interacts with mesh, and competing devices. Will see, and hopefully report on here, eventually...

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