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The Little Green Penguin That Could

by Jerry W. aka DancesWithCars aka UncleCrazy

September 2009 during/ after ClassActs Book Sprint

Partially inspired by Yama's desire to "tell a story"

A Genesis Story (for kids, teachers, funders and the community)

'Here children, have a seat and let us tell you a story...'

Of the little green penguin
that could grow up,
when he wanted to,
in the right environment,
and with some attitude adjustment

In a land far far away
in a time not so long ago,
(really about 2 years ago,
but that can be a long time with children)
but it seems like a while...

On his bad days, he eats butterflies for breakfast,
his relatives and
 snaps at some guy named Linus,
is that how he got his name?
Ears are up and ears are down
like a dog (or RCA's Nippy)


Conceived somewhere around Cambridge, Mass
Probably on a late night binge of pickled herring,
baked beans, and 

Grandpa Nick, St. Nick on good days, a visionary driver on others to the elves, Aunt Mary Lou made him appear on screen even in the bright of day and Sweet Bender, a Futurama robot character spawning SugarLabs, finding a home in the larger community, this too sweet, this is saccharine, and off to port...

Hatched somewhere in Asia, he wandered the globe in search of people who liked him, and upon discovery, and learning from all his travels, with all his new little friends, scattered around the world he wanted to say thanks to St. Nick, and the donors/elves that made the trip and discoveries happen for him

And he lived happily ever after, in all our little hearts, sometimes green with envy, sometimes difficult to handle, but always loved...


[] are improvisations or improvements, added for future changes, images, etc. See also and specifically, for one applied to the sprint... plus the requested graphics from Owen...

(Mel volunteered to do some web comic like graphics, maybe tying the story/ case exemplar implementation lessons together)

(2) = [use my niece's drawing?] [seen in the face of speak, with the mouse pointer left as a nose]

Ideally implemented as a three dimensional graphic character, who looks at lessons (i.e. sees how deep the water is), dives into the software (water analogy), implementation case studies (gets in the thick of it?/ eating?), and coming out wet/ tired/ learned, shakes(/spins) off what he learns and proceeds on to learning/ doing something else...

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