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These are my personal goals/plans for 11.3.0, for discussion.

Budget: 10-12 hours per week


Network stability

  • I'd like to make this my main goal - improve network stability by fixing all those pesty issues we have lying around
  • XO-1 not connecting to encrypted networks on reboot, consistently need to click once
  • Check for optimal programming speed of encryption keys, needed for reliable WPA1 (revisit the libertas work from 8.2.1 that was never carried forward)
  • usb_reset() needlessly called on XO-1 wifi during resume - causes light to blink
  • ticket #11062: XO-1 actrd can't connect to some access points
  • ticket #9153: XO no longer tries to connect wlan after resume from suspend
  • ticket #10971: Failure to automatically reconnect to Sugar Ad-hoc network
  • ticket #10725: Sugar Ad-hoc network: reconnect after suspend
  • ticket #10366: idle suspend causes network connection in progress to fail
  • ticket #10543: Wireless disabled but Sugar Ad-hoc icons present when switching back from GNOME
  • ticket #10549: Disabling the "Radio" in Sugar disables ability to use any networking adapter
  • ticket #10694: After XO-1 sleep, there is a 3-4min delay before wireless access points appear
  • ticket #10780: Sugar Network view looses track of available networks but iwlist is fine
  • ticket #10232: WiFi dies on suspended XO-1, os300
  • ticket #10375: Lid close/open turns on WiFi on suspended XO-1
  • ticket #10627: os5, XO-1: Network fails to reconnect after suspend
  • (many of the above tickets overlap greatly)

Image size reduction - particularly for XO-1

  • Remove mesa-dri-drivers
  • Remove cracklib dicts? linux-firmware?
  • Move to ubifs again, but use zlib compression
  • In boot partition on signed images, use signed files even in unsigned mode, no need to store unsigned copies

Misc low-level

  • ticket #10967: Synaptics touchpad may result in spurious PS/2 mouse data upon resume
  • ticket #10568: XO-1 graphical boot hangs if SISUSB VGA adapter attached

Release management, deployment and community engagement

  • Continue weekly triage meetings, even if not so triage-orientated
  • Invite Chris Leonard to weekly meetings for better coordination with localization efforts
  • Document out how localization interacts with the release process (when do string freezes happen? who announces them? etc.)
  • Try to get a couple of teams meeting on a weekly basis for testing and awareness (Nicaragua & La Rioja?)
  • Look closely and prioritise pending requests from responsive deployments, encourage more of this
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