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My items

Replace totem

Now requires clutter. Replace it with gstreamer-browser-plugin for media viewing in the browser (work already started), and with a regular GNOME UI for Jukebox to replace the standalone player on the GNOME side.

olpc-update and related improvements

  • Factor out Sugar activity update into some kind of Sugar shell helper process
  • Shell helper would try hard to update activities automatically after an upgrade (in the background?) (off by default in Sugar, on by default in OLPC builds)
    • bitfrost's urlrange would be adapted for use here
    • Would also support the additional microformat headers added in dextrose to keep people happy?
    • (nice to have) Adapt Sugar's activity install code to use python zip classes instead of "unzip", then we can only download parts of the activity that changed during an update
  • Shell helper sends dbus messages to shell after updating an activity (if needed, maybe the Shell watching the filesystem is enough)
  • Drop "Your activities need updating" on-upgrade-message from Sugar (will be a pain to port to GTK3 anyway)
  • (nice to have) olpc-update could handle "out of disk space" issues by deleting activities that are available on the school server before starting the update
  • Multiple update streams in oatslite (to allow for a mixture of laptop models over a whole deployment)
  • Multiple activity update streams in xs-activity-server (to allow for a mix of software versions running in the same school)

Other items

  • latest firmware versions for all platforms (we skipped an update that arrived late-ish in 13.1.0)
  • remove rsyslog in favour of systemd's journal
  • remove cron in favour of systemd's equivalent functionality
  • avoid shipping both signed and unsigned kernels (just needs agreement from the team)
  • Keep battling iwmmxt
  • Move to PulseAudio on all 3 laptops. If time is too short or workload too high, at least do an investigation of the blocking issues.
  • Knock a tricky item or two off the kernel upstreaming list.
  • Fix GNOME#629301 (glib remove output stream) to simplify some Browse headaches

Items for others?

  • fix ghost cursor can have an action
  • update to xserver-1.13.1, get all required patches included in Fedora
  • update to latest squeak-vm and scratch
  • unfork GTK+?
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