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How to run Linux 3.8 on XO-4.

XO preparation

  1. Downloading to a USB disk
  2. Connect the USB disk to the XO-4
  3. Boot the XO-4, hit escape to get to ok prompt
  4. Run: fs-update u:\31030o4.zd
  5. Once flashed, power cycle the XO (with AC adapter connected), let it upgrade the firmware and boot into Linux.
  6. From a root terminal, run: olpc-dev-kernel
  7. Turn the XO off

Kernel compilation

Apply this patch to Linux 3.8 and compile. You can use this config as a base.


  1. Create a subdirectory of the root directory on your USB disk called "boot", and place olpc.fth inside it.
  2. Copy arch/arm/boot/zImage from your kernel compile to the boot directory of the USB disk, to sit alongside olpc.fth.
  3. Connect the USB disk to the XO and turn it on.

Note: there will be no output on the screen - you need to use a serial console to access the system. Once the output stops (i.e. boot has finished), wait a couple of seconds then hit enter to get a bash prompt.

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