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dear olpc.. thanks for your support in Google SOC 2006

for OLPC Google SOC 2007, twext aims to have:
• a working software prototype (python + sqlite)
• high-quality student/mentor proposals is refreshed with proposal:
wixi proposes systemic integration of twext with wikis.

it's an education project, not a laptop project

wixi can serve a language learning system consistent
with constructivist principles, enabling kids to 
create and trade meaningful comprehensible input.

disintermediated language learning trade between kids 
may enable better language methods.. kids tend to be:
• pithy
• observant
• playful
• creative

"this isn't just about what we can give to kids,
 this may be more about what kids can give to us."

legal resources for language learning between kids may include:
• DICHOS meaning "popular sayings" (vetted "age old wisdom")
• QUOTES or meaningful chunks from well-known authors
• CITAGE of lyrics to well-known songs

kids could use wixi first to create/trade translations, 
then create images and sound to associate with resources
then mix rich media interactively with kids worldwide..

duke crawford

(has loved 2B1 concept since 1997 or so.. :) 
co-inventor of twext system; living in mexico city;
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