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Hi and welcome to my page! :-)

The intent of this space is to use this as just a general discussion of OLPC, the XO, education and computers in general. If you have specific questions about linux, feel free to contact me and I'll do the best I can to either: (a) answer the question! :-) (b) guide you to where you might find the answer(s), if I don't know or can't find myself. Be aware that I can only answer questions from the point of view of the XO through emulation. (I'm in Japan, and could not order a GIGI when it was available...sigh...:-)) Hence, I can offer some suggestions regarding education using computers, linux in general, the XO (emulated), etc.

Having run a school linux computer lab for several years, I found it much, much better than anything else I have used (or seen elsewhere) in education. Hence, I am ecstatic that children will be learning about linux and the world of opportunities that it represents! :-)

Contact: edm (at)

P.S. I suppose I will also log here about my experiences in using various live CDs (specifically the XO ones that are available), using the emulators, etc.

For example, I have found that one livecd worked fine on my laptop, whereas another failed...:-)

I have successfully gone through the traditional, classic "hello world" example of creating an XO activity, using the qemu emulation of an XO image. If that doesn't make much sense to you, feel free to ask about what you are not sure of, and I'll post a more detailed explanation. And of course, I heartily recommend the joy(s)!!?! of the trials and tribulations of self-discovery! (I.e. give emulation of the XO a might be pleasantly surprised! ;-)) After all, this is an education project, not a laptop project! :-)

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