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  • Internet: "Failed to activate connection: org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.permissionDenied: Not authorized to control networking."
  • Shutdown/reboot via the XO guy menu doesn't work, see GNOME related issue below (even when using systemd instead of consolekit we get a permission error)


  • intro: naming screen in grey (fixed in artwork, must be released and packaged)
  • naming alert is grey (fixed in artwork, must be released and packaged)
  • The height of the entry, and the width of the scrollbars in gtk3 activities are wrong (gtk: d140411698ec71cc775625988c39e57b7d2cd11c inner-border isn't considered anymore for allocation and layout, use the standard CSS border/padding properties)
  • the Documents folder icon is missing, "user-documents" is missing (fixed in artwork, must be released and packaged)
  • gtk3-artwork: parsing warning (fixed in artwork, must be released and packaged)


  • Paint does not start (can not find binaries) solved in paint 40
  • Abacus does not start (using old API: 'set_toolbox') patch sent to maintaner See v32.
  • Clock activity draws off the screen might be the video driver, test on XO1 in os5 #3394 - patch attached
  • Speak: toolbar floats off the screen (stop button) Update to v37
  • TurtleArt: inverted color of the turtle on the screen
  • Fototoon: ideas: activity icon: fill the bubble with the fill color? fixed in v11, write something on the canvas like in Labyrinth what is this? :)
  • Etoys: DBusError because of presence-service, rpm was outdated - rebuilding now sugar-presence-service-0.90.2-1.fc17
  • Maze: flickering cursor (every second), how to know that you need to click to get into the next level? Filled as SL #3376
  • Pippy: tried Jump example: Warnings in output ('GMountMountFlags')
  • WikipediaActivity: does not start wikipedia es 33.5 uploaded
  • Record: does not start, uses deprecated items in Record 94 published
    • if you replace Record for the latest git code, taking a pic hangs the activity and you can't stop it
  • Distance: flickering around activity icon in launcher
  • Help: fails to start, no hulahop
  • When stopping an activity, the activity icon in the toolbar does change it's position some times
  • Browse: unable to load file "/home/olpc/.library_pages/index.html", which is not there
  • Labyrinth: does not start, uses deprecated items in Update to v12
  • Physics: grab objects crashes the activity SL#3361
  • both Maze and Labyrinth are translated "Laberinto" in Spanish Fixed in os5


  • Internet: "Failed to connect"
  • gnome-terminal: very big font
  • gnome window top decoration: Very large font (all programs)
  • Cannot power off/reboot even with "Alt" key held; only Log Out. "fixed with latest olpc-utils"
  • /hone/olpc/.gnome2 directory has root/root ownership/group, not olpc/olpc.


  • Tap to click is enabled
  • Automount of a pendrive does not work. In /var/log/message there is an error /etc/crypttab file (installed by "initscripts") not found. Manual mounting does work. #11703
  • OLPC library index has not been created (running /usr/bin/olpc-library-update by hand did create the missing index "~/.library_pages, tested with Browse) #11702
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