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Frank Barcenas a.k.a Francisco
Spouse: Karina

Countries: Mexico(native, currently in Guadalajara), Peru(resident)

Occupation: self-taught computer Guru / engineer

Job: not working... lookin for a yob meng.

MIT (wish I could have gone) trying to always keep tabs of any paper published from medialabs or any new developments
PHP (novice/intermediate)
Ruby (trying to learn)

Had every commodore, a timex sinclair/ti64, various Radio Shack/Tandy COCOs, colecovision adam (oh the dual tape drives), Heath-Kits, radio shack electronic labs, build ham radios and antennas, packet radio, worked with arcnet, ethernet, token ring, fddi, and every version of windows since v3. Used to BBS back in the day (Echomail, fidonet, wildcat, quickbbs, x/y/zmodem)(300 baud to 56k, wow times have changed :-) ). Followed 2600, l0pht, and different other teams evolution.

I love to learn! The day I stop learning is the day I die.

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