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Activity Summary
Abacus Explore this ancient counting system, where numbers are represented by beads, and see if you can find ways to use it today!
Browse Surf the world! Here you can do research, watch educational videos, take online courses, find books, connect with friends and more.
Calculate This is the place to get the answer to a quick problem, but that is not the limit! You can also explore Algebra, Trigonometry, Boolean and so on!
Chat It is great to share and talk with peers, friends, teachers; even your entire classroom! Simply connect to your "neighborhood" and start collaborating!
Chart Create your charts and organize your information! Try the best chart for your case.
Clock Do you know the time? Now you do! Check out all the different ways you can make your clock look too!
Distance How far are you from your friend? use Distance to find out! You can even test how far apart can you be for your XO to still see other's
Etoys This is your place to create and build using a dynamic multimedia environment. Check out the tutorials to see fun and creative ways to get started!
Finance Want to wisely manage money? Learn financial planning basics and track your family's finance, make your own budget and learn how to make every penny count!
FotoToon Interested in telling a story? Easy! Use your pictures and your imagination to create your own comics!
Get Books Need books? We all do! This activity lets you search and retrieve books from many different sources. Start reading!
Hello World Possibly the easiest activity in Sugar! Here you will see a simple message "Hello world" but you can use it as a chance to see how activity are made!
Help Having trouble using your computer or an activity? Want to learn more? Just click here!
Image Viewer An easy way and fast way to see your images! You can also change the way your image looks with zoom, rotate, size change and so on.
Implode Are you a gamer? Challenge yourself with Implode. A logic game that will push you to the edge. Group the squares and leave the screen empty. Can you do it?
InfoSlicer Is it possible to have my own encyclopedia? Yes! Find your favorite information on the web and package it with InfoSlicer creating incredible collections.
Jukebox Be a DJ, be a VJ. Play your favorite videos and songs. Share with your friends the songs you love, watch movies and educational videos together, and much more!
Labyrinth Do you have a lot on your mind? Map it! This activity lets you create mind maps that, in addition to words, can have drawings and images!
Log This is an activity designed for anyone who wants to troubleshoot a complicated program on the computer.
Maze Good at finding your way out of hard situations? Let's see! Try to make your way through an increasingly difficult path, or you can also play with a friend!
Measure Transform your XO into a science lab. Oscilloscope and sensors will show you how environment works. Capture the information you want and make it yours!
Memorize Here you can play games that challenge your memory! But, more importantly, you can create your own game to test the memory of others!
Moon For all those interested in the moon! See the different phases of the moon, latitudes and longtiutdes and impress all by "predicting" the next full moon!
Paint Picasso? Van Gogh? You can be any of them! Just let the artist inside you free. Transform images in your mind to beautiful paintings.
Physics Prove Sir Issac Newton right! Create real life simulations using different shapes and see them come to life with forces!
Pippy Searching for programmers! Here you can use examples to begin learning the language your computer understands called "python."
Read Use this activity when you are ready to read! Remember to flip your computer around to feel like you are really holding a book!
Record Unleash the visual artist inside you! Take pictures, make movies and use them to recreate your world. The only limit is your imagination.
Ruler Ready, set, start measuring! Use this cm/mm ruler and grids to take measurements of lengths and angles.
Scratch Scratch makes it easy to imagine, design and create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.
Speak Speak is the face for the XO laptop. Anything you type will be spoken aloud! You can change the voice as well as the look of the eyes and mouth.
StopWatch An easy way to settle the debate of who is faster! This activity allows you to measure the amount of time something takes.
TamTamEdit Let's compose some music! Using this music sequencer you can build your own tracks using up to 5 instruments, hundreds of sounds and endless combinations.
TamTamJam Can you jam? Now you can! Here you can make sounds with the individual keys on the keyboard.
TamTamMini For those of you who want to start discovering how to create music, go here! Just click on an instrument and then use the keyboard to play notes. Have fun!
TamTamSynthLab Explore world of synthesis. With this Activity you can create your own electronic music, soundtracks and more using basic synthesis features. Have fun!
Terminal Here you have complete control over your computer. You are in charge!!
Turtle Art What is the most beautiful and complex art that you can make using a turtle and geometry? Find out here!
Typing Turtle Need some help typing? Here you will learn the best way to hold your hands in order for you to become a faster typist!
Wikipedia A good place to start your research. Get information on Wikipedia for your homework and personal research as well as other sources.
WikipediaEN A good place to start your research. Get information on Wikipedia for your homework and personal research as well as other sources.
Words Decode the world and help the world decode you. Use this translator for access and learn about many different languages!
Write Write provides a space to put your words. Write a story, poem, report, anything! Try changing the look, and size of your text; even insert an image!
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