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xs yum repository contains the rpm repository for the XS machines.

To update the repo:

1. throw rpms into /srv/library/mirror/olpc-local/(i386|source/SRPMS) on xs-dev

2. run as user with write permissions:

createrepo /srv/library/mirror/olpc-local/i386 createrepo /srv/library/mirror/olpc-local/src/ repoview /srv/library/mirror/olpc-local/i386 repoview /srv/library/mirror/olpc-local/src/

Open questions to me:

1. IMO it should be renamed from olpc-local to xs-local or something.

2. should this be a development repo and the real one be move to

3. The createrepo/viewrepo commands should IMO be run every 30min by cron, do you agree?

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