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Good News!: Merry Xmas to Everyone and especially 15 Children in the 3rd World!

December 24th, 2007

iPressl bought 15 laptops today through the Give One Get One Program of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation. Currently, there are only 5 OLPC laptops in Austria, therby increasing the number of OLPC laptops in Austria times four. High Schools in Vienna and one school in Carinthia, as well as KIMEKI will be and are working with the laptops. I am already envisioning many projects in collaboration with KIMEKI, as well as schools and kindergardens in Austria. The OLPC laptop is an incredible push in technology, it is an open source project and already has incredible cababilites with an endless number of things to come (see also the OLPC Wiki)!

Merry Christmas!

Collaboration with KIMEKI 2008 December 22nd, 2007

Things to come! were decided at todays meeting with Erich Kucher, current Vorstand of KIMEKI, in Klagenfurt. Many new ideas were discussed, such as future steps for our project CINEATRIX. A brandnew idea might be the incorporation of MIT’s $100 Laptop into future projects and programs of our collaboration.

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in collaboration with KIMEKI in Austria and the k-12 program at the Edgerton Center at MIT: CINEATRIX

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