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1. Project name

    : ixo-Skin

2. Existing website, if any


3. One-line description

    : Skin me baby !

4. Longer description

    : GUI to various customizable features,
    : which are currently only available via command-line.
    : Be able to update features such as theme colors,
    : background, start-up sound, etc
    : Phase 2 of project will have ability to update/configure
    :  'advanced' features such as jabber-server, and radio-on/off

5. URLs of similar projects

    :  (Many other popular software applications)

6. Committer list

     Username   Full name             SSH2 key URL                    E-mail
     --------   ---------             ------------                    ------
  #1 IainDavidson Iain Davidson   xo(AT)

7. Preferred development model

  [X] Central tree. Every developer can push his changes directly to the 
      project's git tree. This is the standard model that will be familiar to 
      CVS and Subversion users, and that tends to work well for most projects.

8. Set up a project mailing list:

  [X] No

9. Commit notifications

  [X] No commit notifications, please

10. Shell accounts


11. Translation

  [X] Set up the Pootle server to allow translation commits to be made

12. Notes/comments:

   Would enjoy feedback of ideas, features, comments, or  code snipits.
   All ideas and features will be added to a milestone for future development.
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