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  digraph {
   start           [label="START HERE\nFOR POOP CHART", shape="box", fontsize="11", style="bold"]
   poop            [label="have you pooped today?", fontsize="11", style="italic"]    
   bran            [label="go eat a bran muffin\n& wash it down with some prune juice", fontsize="11"]
   coffee          [label="did you consume caffeine this morning?", fontsize="11"]
   external         [label="cheater! your bowel movement was induced by external forces!", fontsize="11"]
   noncoffee       [label="where do you get your energy?!", fontsize="11"]

   start -> poop
   poop -> bran [label="NO"]
   bran -> poop [label="TRY AGAIN"]
   poop -> coffee [label="YES"]
   coffee -> external [label="DEAR LORD, YES!"]
   coffee -> noncoffee [label="OH, I DON'T DO CAFFEINE, THANK YOU"]


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