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At the end of November, 2007, I purchased 2 XOs, through the Give One Get One program, for each of my two daughters. I had done some reading on this web site prior to their arrival so I wasn't totally surprised by the limited documentation that shipped with the laptops. I would like my daughters to become totally involved in the laptop but I recognized that it would be the activities that made the laptop a regular part of their lives. The current crop of XO activities are fairly primitive, but worse, they are poorly documented, incomplete, and all over the map when it comes to quality.

My response has been to create a web site dedicated to documenting OLPC activities. My intention is to provide XO users with a place to go to get information at a glance about the collection of OLPC activities available, which ones are appropriate for different age children, which are high quality and which aren't, and just enough information about how to use each activity to get them started.

The site is far from complete but it gets more complete every day.

Here's the address:



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