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Luis Gustavo Lira


lira.lg at

Favorite accomplishment

Tell us about the OLPC-relevant accomplishment you are most proud of

I'm a Summer of Code Mentor for OpenMoko and OLPC. Unfortunately my OLPC student wasnt accepted but we are going to continue with the project.

Other OLPC activities I'm proud of

I am a member of Free Culture Peru and I would like to start an OLPC Chapter at our University.

Bootcamp motivations

Why do you want to come to the bootcamp?

In Peru, Grassroots are not allowed to work with The Ministery of Education and only members of the University San Martin are allowed. Note: The Minister of Education is the President of University San Martin.

There is only two or three peruvians developers who have a XO.

Our project is to start an OLPC chapter and work directly with rural schools, teachers and parents.

What can you contribute to the bootcamp?

Free Culture Peru is three years old student organization. We have develop many initiatives in rural zones and we have strong links with other local organizations.

How will you support grassroots initiatives after the bootcamp?

Our last initiative is supported by Lemelson Foundation RAMP project in Peru and we are able to get additional support from other private local grantees (Motorola, Coca Cola, NESsT, Telefonica). However grants availables to students projects are around $500 -$1000.

Will you need aid (housing, food, transportation, etc.) to attend?

Yes, I cant afford a travel from Lima (Peru) to Cambridge (USA) and Housing

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?



Low cost small wind generators and micro hydro generators based on the research work of GRUPO-PUCP and Soluciones Practicas


Low cost networking infrastructure baseed on the research work of EHAS, GTR-PUCP, Willay and our work on the pilot of Community Microtelcos.


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